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Role of Probiotics in Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease
Dergi: Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES)
Yıl: 2012     Cilt: 1     Sayı: 1     Sayfa: 45-49
Yazar(lar): Amit Bhardwaj, Shalu V Bhardwaj
Kurum: SGT Dental College, Gurgaon, Haryana
Private dental practitioner, Gurgaon


Role of Probiotics in Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease

Summary: Probiotics have been found to be beneficial to host health. In medicine, probiotics are used mainly in support therapy for gastro-intestinal diseases. In recent years, probiotics have been used as a treatment to promote oral health. There has also been a change in understanding of the oral disease process because of better understanding of the ecology and microbiology of the oral cavity. Very encouraging studies exploring probiotics in the fields of caries, periodontal diseases and few other areas have come up in the recent past and the results tend to suggest beneficial effects of probiotics on oral health and on the whole body in general. Extensive research to create a probiotic product intended to maintain dental and periodontal health is needed. This article reviews the role of probiotics in dental caries and periodontal disease.

Türü: Review Article

ISSN Print: 2146-8133

Tam Metin
Tam Metin

DOI: 10.5455/aces.20120212100645

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